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Christopher Seck is a cannabis breeder and consultant with 10 years' experience surfing the waves of the cannabis industry. He embraced opportunities to work and learn in many roles: facility design, cultivation, retail management, post-processing, security and general construction. He even met his wife while trimming!

Chris is passionate about cannabis because it is a force of positive change and economic opportunity.  The vast potential of the both the plant and emerging economy satisfies his inquisitive nature in a way that his previous career as a federal research technician did not.

Cannabis cultivation and commerce is a complex ecosystem of biology, infrastructure and people. Chris uses his B.S. in Ecology to identify, connect and optimize these components. His core belief is that a healthy ecosystem promotes vigorous, sustained growth of both plant and profits.

Chris is a magna cum laude graduate of Michigan Technological University. College taught him how to teach himself; a skill essential in an industry defined by change and a need for adaptability. He even became a licensed Massage therapist to better understand and serve the needs of patients.

In 2016 Chris identified two deficits in emerging cannabis markets: quality genetic variety and substantial digital brands. Sensing potential, Chris and his wife Sally developed digital marketing skills to explore how brands adapt cannabis culture to social media. Together they launched Candy Mountain Seeds to showcase their work as cannabis growers, breeders and marketers. Today Sally works full-time as an independent consultant for high-profile and emerging brands, often bringing Chris in for creative and strategic insight.

Chris loves to create and watch things grow. His eyes light up when he talks about gardens, family, dogs, music and favorite hiking trails. Few plants grow as vigorously as cannabis; few industries offer such exciting creative opportunity. In cannabis, Chris has found his calling.  



Integrated Pest Management


A holistic, long-term strategy to prevent disease and promote vigor.

Design and run grows as ecosystems


Optimized interactions between people, biology and infrastructure.

Research and documentation

Data-driven strategic planning using the scientific method.

Branding and storytelling


Content-driven digital branding to create an enthusiastic community of brand evangelists.

Cannabis as empowerment


A force with tremendous potential to lift economies and people.

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Cannabis uses more water than the average crop. Poor irrigation technique can increase that consumption tenfold! Yet water is seldom a limiting factor or major financial concern for cannabis farmers. A small personal garden uses a few toilet-flushes worth of water per day. A modest warehouse can function on truck-hauled water.


Cannabis is a fair weather plant. Chances are if you feel hot, cold or damp in your garden, your plants do too. Indoor gardeners have complete control, and complete responsibility for the environment that the plant grows in. Keep the temperatures as close to 72°F with 45% humidity to optimize growth.

Cannabs grow hoophouse in Colorado snow.

If you want high-quality seedless cannabis, you don’t want male plants in your garden! In fact, one small male plant can pollinate dozens of females. Pollination makes the female plant produce seeds instead of medicinal compounds like THC and CBD. Seeded cannabis is less potent, less effective and lower quality than unseeded cannabis flowers.

Simple labeled photo to identify male cannabis flowers

Bloom Garden Management


May 10, 2018

The apex of cannabis growth happens in the bloom room. Changing light cycle induces major hormonal changes that cause one last major growth spurt. Plants surge upward and nearly double in size before vegetative growth ends! Within two weeks new growth stops and most energy diverts to flower production. Cannabis needs to be pampered and pushed to perform in the bloom garden.

Craft cannabis bud in boom

Vegetative Garden Management


April 21, 2018

The buds you smoke are the sexy parts of mature ADULT cannabis plants. They drink adult beverages, work in the sun and party at night—Completely inappropriate for young cannabis seedlings and clones! Innocence of youth happens in the vegetative garden.


Nurture early growth with a specific light cycle and temperate environmental conditions.

Close up of healthy vegetative cannabis root ball

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